Citation Payment & Clerical

The Indianapolis Airport Police Department can provide the following services to citizens:

  • Copies of accident or incident reports
  • Releases for vehicles that have been towed
  • Indianapolis Airport Authority ordinance violations payment
  • Information referral to appropriate personnel

The Police Department can be contacted at 317.487.5084 or 317.487.5315 during business hours regarding any of these services. The Police Department is not accessible from the airport terminal building. You must drive South Service Road alongside Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive (the main inbound drive) to access the Police Department.


The Police Department DOES NOT accept cash payments including payment for all citizen services. Individuals desiring to make a cash payment for a police/accident report or to pay a local ordinance may do so at the airport's Guest Services Desk located in Civic Plaza within the terminal.

If you desire to make an online payment, you may do so here: Please note we can only accept citation payments which are issued through the Indianapolis Airport Authority. If "Indianapolis Airport Authority" or "Indianapolis Airport Police" does not appear on your citation, it cannot be paid via this webpage. If you do not have the information requested you may still be able to pay online by first contacting the front desk at 317.487.5084.

If you have been issued a state violation ticket by our agency, you can contact the Marion County Violations Bureau at 1.866.729.4639 or pay online at

Vehicle Releases

Vehicles towed by the Airport Police Department are generally towed by Zore's Towing. Before retreiving your vehicle from Zore's Towing, you must come to the Police Department and obtain a release form. We do not accept payment for your vehicle's tow as the cost of the tow is paid directly to the towing service.

A vehicle can be released only to the registered owner. If the registered owner is not available, a power of attorney form may be obtained from the BMV. This form will allow the registered owner to authorize the release of the vehicle to a third party. A vehicle release connot be obtained if there is not a valid, licensed driver present.

For directions and telephone numbers for our department, please see our page of contact information.