Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is designed for maximum accessibility, mobility, comfort, and convenience for all passengers and visitors, including those with physical challenges, those traveling with infants and small children, the elderly, and others with special needs.

The airport follows ADA requirements and strives to provide facilities that enable everyone to move through the airport safely and efficiently. Vertical movement is minimized and there are numerous elevators, escalators, and moving walkways to enhance mobility. Everything departing passengers need is on one level.

IND is accessible in the following ways: automatic doors, crosswalks, curb cuts, ramped access, flush (level) flooring and entrances, moving walkways, and elevators. Braille signage and buttons are located in elevators and outside all doors/emergency exits. Airline ticket counters, point-of-sale counters, restrooms, drinking fountains, ATMs, and public seating areas are accessible.


Designated parking areas for drivers of vehicles displaying proper identification are available. There are ample parking spaces for the physically challenged in the Terminal Garage and Economy Lot. There are emergency call stations in the Terminal Garage and at each shuttle shelter in the surface lots. The Terminal Garage has a clearance height of 8 feet, 2 inches.

Ground transportation

The following third-party ground-transportation providers offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles. For more information, see contact information below:

Wheelchair assistance

Departing and arriving passengers can utilize wheelchair assistance provided by G2 Secure Staff. Contact your airline to schedule assistance at no extra charge. You may also contact G2 Secure Staff directly at 317.248.8232.

Service animals

Service dogs are allowed in the terminal when accompanying their owners. Outdoor animal relief areas are available in the grassy areas of the North Garden and the South Garden. Owners of service animals requiring relief in post-security areas should make arrangements with the airline from whom they purchased their tickets. In these cases, an airline employee will escort the animals to a designated area on the ramp.


Each set of restrooms in the terminal and Terminal Garage includes a fully accessible family restroom with changing stations and seating for adults and children. The men's and women's rooms each have three levels of accessible stalls: one with a sink and toilet, one that accommodates a wheelchair, and one equipped with side rails for assistance in sitting and standing.

Comments about accessibility at the airport

The Indianapolis Airport Authority welcomes your comments and feedback about accessibility at Indianapolis International Airport. Please send us your comments using our online Feedback form. In the reason for feedback field, please select "Terminal accessibility" from the drop-down menu and use the comment box to enter your feedback.