Terminal Garage

Enjoy the benefits of parking
in the Terminal Garage...

  • No shuttle bus ride. The Terminal Garage is just steps away from the terminal building.
  • Short walk. Covered parking on levels 2-4, plus the pedestrian bridge to the terminal is fully enclosed and temperature-controlled.
  • Safety is our priority. Around-the-clock assistance is available to locate lost vehicles
    and provide free jump starts and tire inflation.
  • Hourly, daily and Valet Parking options.
  • Three floors of covered garage parking with an open-air fifth-floor parking level.
  • Pay-on-foot stations to minimize delays when leaving the airport so you can get home faster.

Enjoy the convenience of Valet Parking...


  • Stay dry. Guaranteed covered parking, plus the pedestrian bridge to the terminal is fully enclosed and temperature-controlled.
  • Drive an electric vehicle? Complimentary plug-in stations are located in our gated area. Tesla electric vehicles are welcomed!
  • Guaranteed covered parking with our Valet Parking option.
  • Rates are $25.00 per day with a minimum of $9.00 per hour.
  • Repeat customers can check in their vehicles in 30 seconds or less!
  • Valet Parking in the terminal garage earns 2 points per dollar spent (835 points needed for 1-day free parking).
  • Car Wash Services are available while you are away on your trip.
    • Car wash
    • Interior/exterior detailing
  • Enjoy our additional amenities:
    • USA Today - while supplies last
    • Bottled water - seasonal
    • Assistance with luggage
    • Call-ahead vehicle retrievel so your car is ready and waiting for you - cooled in hot summer months and warmed in cold winter months.

Valet Parking is operated by Global Parking System, Inc. 317-240-0380




Daily Parking in the connected Terminal Garage puts you steps from the terminal, with three floors of covered parking and an open-air fifth floor. Park in the Terminal Garage to ensure your stress-free trip begins with stress-free parking.

$2 per half hour
$18 per day maximum

Perfect for picking up, dropping off and meeting passengers at the airport, our convenient dedicated Hourly Parking section is located just steps from the terminal on Level 3 of the garage. Just park your car, and enter the terminal via the climate-controlled pedestrian bridge. Stay for as long, or as little as you wish.

$2 per half hour
$48 per day maximum

If you are parking longer than 4-1/2 hours, choose Daily Parking instead.


By far the most convenient option – with Valet Parking, you simply pull into the garage and park, and you're off to the terminal. Valet attendants will help you with your luggage and park your car for you or, if you wish, you can park your car yourself. Valet parkers can also take advantage of the multiple electric vehicle charging stations in the Valet Parking area, and car wash and detailing services are available for an additional fee.

$9 per hour
$25 per day maximum



Important Information

Please make note of your floor, row, and section number using the red and green signs to locate your vehicle quickly upon your return. The clearance height for vehicles entering and exiting the garage is eight feet, two inches.

Payment options

Drivers can exit and pay with Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, and Diners Club credit cards at the pay station inside the Terminal Garage, Ground Transportation Center, or at any pay station when exiting the garage. Cash payments are accepted at a cashier booth.