Passenger Pick-Up


Before coming to the airport

Check the status of arriving and departing flights to know if the flights are on time or if there is a delay. Have the following information when meeting passengers:

  • Name of airline and flight number
  • Scheduled arrival time
  • City of origin

Arrange in advance to meet arriving passengers in Baggage Claim, Civic Plaza, or some other area. If you want to meet passengers at the curb, ask them to call your cell phone once they have claimed their luggage and are outside the terminal.

Parking and meeting arriving passengers

Drivers have two options: (1) Park and wait for free in the Cell Phone Lot until arriving passengers have called you to tell you they are waiting at the curb or (2) Park in the Terminal Garage and meet passengers inside the terminal.

No vehicles may be left unattended when greeting arriving passengers. Vehicles may pull to the curb when actively loading and unloading passengers and luggage. Unattended vehicles will be towed immediately.

  • Take I-70 to Exit 68. Follow blue road signs to the Cell Phone Lot.
  • Passengers call your cell phone when they are waiting at the curb with their bags.
  • Exit the Cell Phone Lot and follow signs to Arrivals Level of the terminal.
  • Pull to the curb and load passengers and bags.
  • Exit the airport following signs.
Inside terminal
  • Take I-70 to Exit 68. Follow signs to the Terminal Garage.
  • The garage is divided into green and red sections. Remember your level and section number by noting the color-coded signs. For maximum convenience, valet parking is available on Level 3.
  • Take the Pedestrian Bridge on Level 3 inside the terminal.
  • Check the digital displays located throughout the airport for flight status, arrival and departure times, and gate locations. If a flight is on time, delayed, or cancelled, it will be indicated on these displays.
  • Visitors may not greet arriving passengers at their arrival gate.
  • To page an arriving passenger via the overhead address system, please go to Guest Services and ask for assistance.
International arrivals

Passengers traveling on direct international flights arriving at or departing from Indianapolis will be cleared by U.S. Customs and federal security offers immediately after landing.

On average, customs inspection and clearance takes 20 minutes. Once cleared, passengers retrieve their bags in the International Arrivals on the south end of Baggage Claim.