Environmental Management & Conservation

As a member of the global aviation community, the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) is committed to engaging in environmentally responsible, sustainable operations and minimizing any adverse environmental impacts.

IAA works to incorporate a variety of environmental concerns into decision-making for Indianapolis International Airport, the Indianapolis Downtown Heliport, Eagle Creek Airpark, Hendricks County Airport–Gordon Graham Field, Metropolitan Airport, and Mount Comfort Airport. It focuses on:

  • Environmental management
  • Conservation management
  • Wildlife management

In all aspects of its airport management and operations, IAA strives to:

    1. Encourage and apply sustainable development principles in planning, designing, building, operating, decommissioning facilities and services, and in managing airport properties. Minimize the use of environmentally sensitive materials.
    2. Implement efforts to reduce waste; recycle, conserve energy, and pursue alternative energy sources.
    3. Comply with all local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and permitting processes controlling airport noise, water and air quality, fuel storage, waste disposal, and wildlife management, regularly assessing performance to achieve the highest standards.
    4. Clearly and consistently communicate environmental policies to stakeholders.
    5. Respond to the environmental concerns of personnel, passengers, business partners, local homeowners, and the general public.
    6. Encourage employee involvement in meeting environmental standards, providing appropriate training on the latest environmental advancements, and serving as a catalyst for the adoption and integration of new technologies into airport operations.
    7. Monitor proposed and pending regulation and legislation, partnering with appropriate professional associations, community groups, and academic institutions.
    8. Conduct and engage in environmental education and outreach efforts targeting airport personnel, members of the general public, students of all ages, and community groups.
Program overview and more information

For more details about our environmental management, conservation management, and wildlife management programs, please review our program overview (PDF).

Join us in our efforts to maintain a clean, safe, and enduring environment to sustain future generations for many years to come. If you have questions or need more information about our efforts to bring IAA operations, facilities, and activities into harmony with the environment, please contact:

  • Susan Zellers | director of planning and project management, engineering
  • Tim Method | director, environmental and conservation program
  • Todd Cavender | environmental manager

GRI Sustainability Report for 2013

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