Report Safety/Hazard Indcident

IndustrySafe is a system that allows Indianapolis Airport Authority business partners and guests to report a safety hazard or an incident that occurred within the Indianapolis Airport Authority system.

First and foremost, if this is an emergency, please call 911 immediately!

If this is a routine maintenance concern, please contact the maintenance hotline at 317.487.5158.

IndustrySafe is designed to track incidents that have occurred, or hazardous conditions that could result in an incident. While it is monitored regularly, the IndustrySafe system is not designed to be monitored in real time. Again, if this is an emergency, or if you were just involved in an incident, please call 911.

Hazardous Condition Report: Click here to report any condition that could cause an accident or incident, or to report a near miss. Examples: FOD on the ramp, excessive vehicle speed on the AOA, employees driving under loading bridges, runway/taxiway lights out, slip, trip, or fall hazards in the terminal.

Incident Report: Click here to report an incident that occurred. Examples: Property, equipment, or vehicle damage, and/or injury, that involves more than one airline or other company; any incident on the movement area.

Visitors may report an incident that they were involved in at Indianapolis International or any of the Indianapolis Airport Authority reliever airports.