Business opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities for contractors, suppliers, and professional service providers who want to do business at Indianapolis International Airport.

All business opportunities are listed here. Note the listing is approximate and is provided for informational purposes only. Final bid packages, including plans, specification, and addendums, are subject to change without notice.

Document types and categories

Concession Opportunity

ITB Invitation to Bid
PO Property Opportunity
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Qualifications
RLI Request for Letter of Interest

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Notice: Please be advised that individuals interested in receiving information about potential business opportunities with the Indianapolis Airport Authority (“IAA”) regarding employment opportunities, bid packages, Requests for Proposals and all other opportunities related to public procurement, should refer to IAA's social media pages solely as a supplement to, and not as a substitute for, the IAA’s official procurement site, which is


Please be sure to review all information and documents about each opportunity in the related files. If you have questions about a project or business opportunity, please contact the individual(s) listed in the project documents for more information.

To view open, pending, and awarded business opportunities (PDFs), please use the tool below.

Calendar Business Opportunities


Business Opportunities Request for Quote - Cargo Apron Utility Corridor Relocation – I-17-004
Request for Quotation (Open)
02/20/2017 to 03/08/2017 Files (1) Show/Hide Details.
Business Opportunities Invitation to Bid Project I-15-009 - Parking Garage Improvements 2015-2016 (Bid Package #1) at IND
Public Bid (Open)
01/31/2017 to 02/21/2017 Files (4) Show/Hide Details.
Business Opportunities Request for Information - Employee Engagement Survey
Request for Information (Open)
01/25/2017 to 02/17/2017 Files (3) Show/Hide Details.
Business Opportunities Invitation to Bid – Repair Column Line 17 at the Downtown Heliport – Project No. H-13-036
Public Bid (Open)
01/25/2017 to 02/23/2017 Files (2) Show/Hide Details.
Business Opportunities Invitation to Bid – Terminal Bird Deterrent System at IND – Project No. I-16-012
Public Bid (Open)
01/24/2017 to 02/21/2017 Files (3) Show/Hide Details.
Business Opportunities Invitation to Bid – Campus Fiber Repair/Development, Phase 2 at IND – Project No. I-16-025
Public Bid (Open)
01/24/2017 to 02/28/2017 Files (3) Show/Hide Details.
Business Opportunities Hendricks County Airport Rehabilitate Airfield Pavement - Crack Repair Project No. K-17-070
Request for Qualification (Open)
01/13/2017 to 02/07/2017 Files (2) Show/Hide Details.